A Candid Exclusive Interview with Amanda Inside the Oval Office

Ladies and gentleman we are honored to have an exclusive Oval Office interview with Amanda the star of a new hardcover picture book, Call Me Madame President.

Tell us a little about yourself Madame President.
I'm President of the United States, I live in the White House and I'm eight years old.

How did you get to be President at such a young age?
I have a very powerful imagination.

There are reports that your older brother Freddie is jealous. Is that true?
Yes, there have been issues

What do your parents think of your being President?
Well my Dad thinks I have great leadership ability that comes from him and my mom.

What is your political agenda?
Be kind to animals and kids

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Hang out with my puppy, Coolidge, play hopscotch, roller-skate, climb trees, and annoy my brother.