Very Nice
By A Customer on November 9, 2003

This is a lovely, orginial book with a great message for girls. I would recommend it to anyone.

By Kevin Killian
HALL OF FAME on November 11, 2004

Who knows, maybe one of the little girls who are reading CALL ME MADAME PRESIDENT today, or are being read to from this book, will someday take the gentle hint and run herself? A woman in the White House couldn't possibly make the mistakes that the men of the last couple of centuries have made. Pyatt's story is charming, and Amanda is a real cutie. I also like Keith Gaston's pictures, they are both intimate and grand, for Amanda is seen against the always striking Washington DC backdrops that Gaston renders picturesque and almost quaint. Anyone who is feeling patriotic should go out and buy a couple of copies of this book. I don't know if little boys will like it, but ambitious little girls will get a few good ideas here, so as I say--who knows? My grandma used to say, "Great oaks from little acorns grow."

Great for your little girl!!!
By Coke on June 2, 2004

This book was simply one of the best children's book I've ever read. It really makes me mad that there aren't more books like this for little girls. Heck, there are books like this for CATS!!!!! Why not little girls? It's as if people think books like this are an infectious disease or something.

Good one for my 4-6 year old girls.
By CAReader on June 3, 2015

Verified Purchase My girls love this book and they learn an important lesson. Bonus: A little US history mixed in.